BB divers, no troubles, only bubbles

The BB divers motto "no troubles, only bubbles" should say it all. 

You can leave your troubles at home from the moment you put foot on Koh Kood. We organize everything for your trip with BB divers, food, drinks, transport, equipment and of course a good time on the boat. The bubbles are the only trace we want to leave in the water after our dives. We try hard to leave our environment and beautiful nature as untouched as possible. Irresponsible dive behavior is simply not allowed.


As divers we love nature. Tourism however is one of the threats to the coral reef and marine life. Bad diving practices, snorkelers walking on coral, fish feeding, trash from boats, anchoring on reef...

Many of these issues can be avoided by making everyone aware and responsible for their actions.  This is something BB divers work on every day with our own divers and snorkelers, and by making others aware of bad practices. We are thankfull for the beauty which Mother Nature lets us enjoy every day, and will do everything we can to help preserve this gift. We strive for conservation aware dives and trips, so future generations can enjoy these grand coral reefs as much as we can. To be eco minded is our spirit and our legacy to the future.

Some of our actions...

Aware on boat

  • Drinking water, we take 30 liter bottles on the boat and serve it with ice made of drinking water. This way there is less litter, and plastic bottles don’t end up in the sea when it is windy or wavy.

  • Soft drinks in cans have been replaced by big bottles, thus cutting down on litter, we wash plastic cups instead of using disposable ones.

  • Lunch is served on plates, no styrofoam or unnecessary plastic bags.

  • All divemasters and instructors collect rubbish while diving, and recommend other divers to do so.

  • Bio diesel is used for the boat.

  • Boat share, we invite other dive schools in low season to join on the boat, this cuts down on petrol use and the pollution that comes with it.


Project Aware


  • We offer coral watch diving trips in cooperation with project aware.
  • Every Sunday we organize DIVE AGAINST TRASH. We clean up the ocean together with our guests.

  •  Every low season we organize a few underwater cleanup projects ourselves. Our own staff and divemaster trainees are happy to help, and for every clean up we ask guests to join for a free diving day, so they can help to collect rubbish. This is not only useful to get the trash out of the water but it is fun as well.
  • We join and support the yearly clean ups from Dasta and National Park.
  • International clean up day, day of the reef.
  • Nemo project, reintroduction of the clownfish on Koh Rang national Park.
  • Active cooperation in the planning and sinking of a new artificial reef the HTMS Chang, which became a great reef over the years and takes away some of the "load" of other reefs.

Trash Hero

We are proud to be part of the great movement Trash Hero, started on Koh Kood, October 2018. Together with the locals we decided to join this powerful organization to get Koh Kood green and clean and raise awareness about the problems with trash.

We organise weekly clean ups on Saturday and have the bottle refull stations. 

Coral watch dives

Next to the regular dives we offer Coral watch dives. This is a day of diving, where we go under with coral charts, taking data to map the reef and check how it is affected over time. It is a fun way to learn about the coral reef, and a great feeling to make your dives count! If you are interested have a look at

Reef check courses

One of the courses we teach is the eco diver course from An eco diver learns all about coral reefs, its threats and its conservation.

This is a 4 day course on coral threats and conservation. The course includes theory on reef conservation and fish recognition, buoyancy training, and data taking on the coral reef. The data is collected by reef check, and is used to survey the reefs around the world. It is an important step towards mapping the existing reefs and their condition.

  • Eco diver package with reef data taking.

For those interested in cooperating with the mapping of the reefs, there is a full dive package, including a week of dive training, and 3 weeks of reef data taking. 

BB divers is awarded "Reef Check Facility", thanks to the effort we make in working with environment minded divers, and train the new "eco divers course" to help and protect the living reef.